Chew The Fat

A series of conversations with high profile entrepreneurs, founders, VCs and generally epic people, designed to stimulate, motivate and inspire.

All of the events have been filmed and you can watch them here!

Chloe Macintosh

We sat down with founder and superwoman, Chloe Macintosh as she talks about the trials and tribulations of being a founder, being a female entrepreneur, and shares epic insight from the front line of ecommerce.

James Watt

Brew Dog can lay legitimate claim for having revolutionised the craft beer industry in the UK. By injecting pure punk ideology with a great product, fearless marketing and some zero bullshit approach to getting things done. James talks from the heart with a fierce pride of his success, and making Ben feel uncomfortable on several occassions. No punches pulled.

Joel Gascoigne

Buffer has been forging its own path as a business for a fair while now, and Joel has been espousing transparency, culture and employee happiness as a mantra of modern business. We sit down with him to hear the whole story and queue up a few thoughts for later. Clear, compassionate advice.

Cory Doctorow

Cory is a highly succesful author and the long time editor and founder of BoingBoing. A talk that widely ranges across various ideas and themes concerned with the future, humans and machines. Ben found Cory to be mindblowing in his range of thoughts, though he's not sure how much he always agreed with where his mind rockets landed nor the implications of them. One for the futurists.

Eric Ries

Eric Ries is widely know as the King of Lean Methodology. In this dry humoured chat, we talk backgrounds, origins, findings and observations about the suitability of Lean for every business and what he's learned along the way. For the managers and strategists.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki has been in computers since most of us were born. A gentle, warm, and deeply happy man, he shares his well earned tales of the scene, the characters, the people and the places, as well as ensuring he shared his personal philosphy of social sharing and evangelising the users.

Nir Eyal

Psychology and the art of digital in persuasion is what Hooked is all about. How can we tap in to the reward pathways of the mind and use what we know about how the brain operates to create killer digital experiences?

Romance Hacking

What is Love in the 21st Century? How do the myriad of different ways to hook up affect us? What is the best way to use the online world to get some IRL fun? We hosted a panel of the brighest and best in Dating to come and talk to us. Worth watching for the crowd baiting by one of the panelists.

Hailo Founders

3 Black Cab drivers on stage, with a beer, and a propensity to talk - expect a lot of laughter. A raucous evening of incredible stories, football banter, as 3 cabbies couldn't quite believe their luck. Filmed at the peak of Hailo this is a wonderful snapshot of happier times, but we're glad to know they'll have hopefully done very well indeed.

Max Niederhofer, Simon Cook & Roberto Bonanzinga

We took 3 of best VCs in Britain, and gave them a grilling. What's the point of raising money? Why should we trust investors at all? What traits do the best entrepreneurs have? Do you really need an MBA? A funny, relaxed, insight in to 3 of the best investors in the game.

Rohan Silva

With Rohan fresh out of Number 10, Ben sat down with his old boss to talk about life, politics, and the future of entrepreneurship. This was a delightful interview, and we managed to get some great stories out of it - some of which were only permitted to be heard in the room and not committed to camera. Ben makes no apologies for his affection for Rohan, so don't expect a Paxman interview.